We Go Together: Music & Art

image-1We’d like to share a tip–not really from us, but from the families we see getting the most out of PLAY: When your child is ready, pair your PLAY music class with an art activity.

You can do this by simply taking advantage of your member discount on drop-in art (toddlers & up), either on the day of your music class, additional days, or both.

We also see many families with kids two years and up scheduling a PLAY music class and a Messy Mixed Media class, back-to-back on the same day. (These classes can, of course, be scheduled on separate days, too.) When kids participate in two session activities on one day, they end up spending a weekly half-day at PLAY, dancing, singing, painting, snacking, and playing; they start feeling really at home in our space; and they have more opportunities for socialization with the same group of kids (and we think the grown-ups enjoy the socializing too). Besides being a fun, weekly play date with their grown-ups and friends, this experience can help prepare kids for preschool or be a looked-forward-to supplement to their preschool routines. PLAY music families receive a $20 discount on concurrent enrollment in a Messy Mixed Media class.

Here are a few examples of Music & Art combo days for the upcoming session at PLAY:

Monday, 9:30-10:15, PLAY music (mixed-age) ENROLL
Monday, open 10-12, Drop-in Messy Art (toddlers & up)
Tuesday, 3:00-3:45, PLAY music (mixed-age) ENROLL in the combo
Tuesday, 4:00-4:45, Messy Mixed Media (ages 2-5) ENROLL
Wednesday, 3:30-4:15, PLAY music (mixed-age) ENROLL in the combo
Wednesday, 4:15-5:00, Messy Mixed Media (ages 2-5) ENROLL
Friday, 9:30-10:15, Messy Mixed Media (ages 2-4) ENROLL
Friday, 10:30-11:15, PLAY music (mixed-age) ENROLL in the combo
Saturday, open 10:45-12, Drop-in Messy Art (toddlers & up)
Saturday, 11:30-12:15, PLAY music (mixed-age) ENROLL

These are just a few examples. If you would like someone to talk you through all the possibilities, please give us a call at PLAY, and we’ll be happy to find an option that works for you. You can also create your own combo days: Just visit the schedules for PLAY music, Messy Mixed Media, and drop-in art.

See you at PLAY–
Anne & James