Testimonials, Press & Awards

Messy Mixed Media, our parent-and-child art class for ages 2-5, was included in DailyCandy’s “Coast To Coast: Kids’ Classes That Rock” issue (Sept. 2013).

Play was named “Best Children’s Play Space – 2013” by LA Weekly. See what they had to say about Messy Art. You’ll also find our art program on Red Tricycle’s 10 Awesome Art Classes in LA list.

PLAY music vol. 2, our newest compilation of favorites from PLAY music, is the winner of a 2013 Parents’ Choice Award, and has been recommended by LA Parent and Zooglobble.

From PLAY families:

“Chloe has loved Messy Mixed Media, and even though I don’t get the privilege attending class with her :( I have thoroughly enjoyed all of her sculptures and paintings that she brings home.  We often continue to play with the sculptures and reinvent them at home. Thank you so much for what you do for kids in LA!!!!!  We just love you guys!”
Kim 8/2013 re: Messy Mixed Media

“LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE! We have been bringing our two year old son to music class since he was 6 months old. All the teachers are amazing. We especially love Sarah. She’s talented, energetic, and great with the kiddos. The music is awesome. They send you home with a CD in the beginning of each session so you can learn the songs. My son is always asking for “song” or “dance” in the car. We take a Saturday morning music class so that my husband can attend, but we are often here during the week for messy art or to utilize the play area. The play area has very clean toys, books, and a train table. We have been to birthday parties and concerts here. I am always telling people about PLAY. It truly is a gem in our neighborhood.”
Jackie F. 4/2013 re: PLAY music

“My 14 month-old daughter & I are big fans! She loves attending music class where she gets the chance to play drums, tambourines and just dance in front of a big mirror. We also go often to play in the playroom, which is always clean and well taken care of. To me though, the best thing about this spot is how accommodating the staff is. If we need to miss one of my daughter’s music classes they have no problem putting her in another make-up class. Not every toddler entertainment place will do this!”
Jackie J. 2/2013 re: PLAY music

“We had my 2 year old son’s “rockstar” birthday party here after searching for a place that could accommodate our desired date and time. We had never been to a class at play. But I could not have been more pleased with the entire event from start to finish! Play combines professionalism with creativity. The best part and biggest surprise was walking in to have Keith, the coordinator for the day, help us bring in and organize all the food, decorations, gift bags, etc. I feel like most places just give you 15 minutes to throw it together yourself and inevitably, with a toddler in tow, you’re already running late, so the extra help is HUGE and took a big load off. The staff knows the space and the best way to set everything up and goes over the flow of the party and the details with you thoroughly. Leading up to the event, I had a very specific vision of the party and wanted some particular details such as certain favorite songs played and a game of freeze dance and a time to have a dance party but also time to play instruments. Miraculously, the owners and the Play musician we hired for the party for an extra fee (totally worth it!) more than pulled off all my desires. My son never stopped smiling and dancing and everyone commented on how incredibly well the afternoon was tailored to him. They have an awesome sound system to play your own playlist of music from your iPhone or iPod, an awesome art room which worked great for the flow of the kids and allowing some of the older kids and cousins to do some painting if they felt too “big” I play with some of the toddlers. And the food room is perfect for keeping the cupcakes and snacks separate from the play area and works out well for gabbing parents to hang out. I don’t remember ANYONE not being on their feet and present for Keith’s awesome “concert” of guitar playing and singing. All the kids and parents were participating. And THEN they brought out the drums! My son’s favorite! It was nonstop fun. And afterwards, I was sure we would get charged for taking so long to get everyone and ourselves and our stuff out! But once again, the team was extraordinary at helping us along to coordinate goodie bag handouts, packing up gifts and loading the leftover food. I would absolutely have a party here again and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, memorable, and most of all, EASY kid’s party! Thanks PLAY!”
Sabrina 11/2012 re. Parties at PLAY

“I absolutely love PLAY on 3rd street. My son started going to music class this past summer when he was about 16 months old and we have now continued with a fall music class with Angie. Angie is an amazing teacher who is not only great with little ones but is fun, whimsical and very talented. The class exposes the kids to a variety of sounds, languages and instruments. Very interactive. One of the other things I love about PLAY is that the space is the perfect size for toddlers and young kids to play. This is not an indoor playground or gym and it is geared specifically for their music and art programs, but their front room is geared toward play and reading. It is small enough that parents can sit across the room and watch their children and not have to chase them around or wonder where they are. This is very refreshing as my son can go from the train set to the books to the magnet area to the center play area and I can stay in one place.”
Renata 11/2011 re. PLAY music

“We cannot say enough great things about PLAY. Our son has loved it ever since he started at 18 months. The front room is a great place for the kids to hang out before class. And the class room is nice and big for everyone to sing and dance around. One thing that is exceptional about PLAY, as compared to another music class we attended in LA- is that all the teachers play instruments as well as sing. It’s great to have your kids exposed to experienced musicians. We have taken classes with Angie and Keith. Angie is wonderful and Keith is awesome! Keith plays the electric guitar, as well as acoustic, and ever since attending his class, our son has loved guitars. In addition, they have a cool “messy art” program that’s great for older kids.
“Also, we had a wonderful experience hosting our son’s 2 year old birthday party at PLAY. We cannot recommend it enough as a space to hold a party. Our son and all his friends had a blast rocking out – even the parents and grandparents who attended had fun. Anne and James were so helpful going through all the details and made it so easy for us to have fun and relax at the party. They are very well organized and the whole event seemed effortless. Well worth the money, especially if your child loves music!”
Gerard 5/2011 re: PLAY music & Parties at PLAY

“PLAY is right down the street from us and my almost-3-year-old has been going there since she was 6 months old, for both music classes and free playtime. It’s a wonderful place for kids and families. My daughter has taken music classes with Angie, Keith, and Sarah, and they have all been great in their own ways. We really appreciate the fun, safe, relaxed environment PLAY offers us, and the wonderful musical experiences my daughter has had there.”
Claire 5/2011 re: PLAY music

“My 20-month-old twins love Play. We go every week for music class with Angie, and we can’t recommend that enough. It’s a blast, and Angie is awesome. (So is Keith. We’ve taken his class, too.) We always end up staying after our class is over so we can use their playroom. It’s perfectly geared for toddlers, with lots of fun, safe, educational toys and a great library. The owners, Anne and James, are the best. They’re so nice and helpful and great with the kids. They’re always running out to give me a stroller lock while I wrangle my kids. Until my kids outgrow it, we’ll be regulars there!”
Jerry, 5/2011 – re: PLAY music

“My four and half year old has been taking art classes with teacher Vivian for two sessions now and she absolutely loves it. Every week she asks me when her art class is and asks me every day until we go again. The projects in class are really creative and allow the children to use their imagination with very few boundaries. The facility is neat and clean and they incorporate a lot of recycled materials which I really like too. Not only do we love the art class we love hanging out and reading books, eating snacks, and playing with all the really cool toys. This place is definitely worth checking out.”
Lisa, 5/2011 – re: Messy Mixed Media

“Nadav and Shireen may not be signed up for another session, but you’ll be happy to know they’re leading each other in all the old songs and listening to me come up with variations of verses too :) Thanks again for a wonderful year and a half of music classes. The three of us had a great time, and these last couple sessions were particularly special, as we had formed a real community of adults and kids.”
Tina, 4/2011 re: PLAY music

“I wanted to thank you for helping make Maya’s 2nd birthday such a special day. The party was really wonderful. All the kids had the best time playing and it was so cute to watch them all enjoying their lunch and then cake together around the big table. It’s so kid-friendly! Your place really is the perfect play spot, with such a warm and welcoming vibe that brings a sense of calm and happiness to all! All of our guests felt the same way and hope to come back to Play soon!”
Jackie, 3/2011 re: Parties at Play

“Play is by far the best thing that has happened to our new family. I’m getting ready to enroll my son in his third session of classes, and couldn’t be happier. He’s just blossomed in his Play classes through his interactions with other children and the great teachers. What better way to start his love for music than a weekly class!”
Christina, 3/2010 re: PLAY music

“Just wanted to let you know we LOVED our classes last semester. Parker requests the songs every time we get in the car and when she eats breakfast. For me, it’s nice to have music that I actually enjoy listening to!”
Alex, 4/2010 re: PLAY music

“I’m so glad we made the decision to have Chloe’s birthday party at PLAY this past weekend, rather than trying to do our own painting party at home. Chloe had a great time and parents are still telling me how much fun their kids had. Everything seemed to fall in place kind of effortlessly. Your staff was amazing – very helpful, in control of things, easy to deal with. Thanks again.”
Tiffany, 5/2010 re: Parties at Play

“We wanted to thank you and your staff for providing us with a beautiful program for Adam’s birthday. Our guests fell in love with PLAY, and most of all, our birthday boy Adam was in seventh heaven.”
Gary and Maskit, 2/2010 re: Parties at Play

“We just wanted to thank you, as the party Sunday went off perfectly. I can’t tell you how many people commented on how great the space was, and Keith and Sarah were fantastic.”
David, 1/2010 re: Parties at Play

“Play is my favorite place in LA to go with my toddler, and I’ve been taking her there since she was about 8 months old. A lot of indoor play places are massively stimulating, with florescent lights, big ball bins, etc. Play has a different vibe altogether. When you enter, it’s naturally lit, with natural-fiber rugs and chairs and an enormous mural on one wall of green trees in a forest. It’s surprisingly soothing considering there are usually kids running every which way. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of toys for the kids to play with–as well as a big train set and a wonderful bookshelf–and the kids clearly love it, but overall there’s just a mellow, relaxed energy that’s really nice for the inevitably stressed-out parents. I think it also helps prevents the kids from going into psycho mode, because I’ve never seen a meltdown there. There’s a big community table where you can have a snack, and that’s where I always chat with the other moms and dads, share information, or vent!”
Heather, 5/2009 re: Play

“Thank you SO much for everything you and your wonderful staff did for us today at Sylvie’s birthday party. The kids — particularly Sylvie — had a great time! (So did the adults.) Angie was awesome, and Keith and Carolina could not have been more helpful. The party was a great success. Thanks again!”
Marisa, 9/2009 re: Parties at Play

“This is my neighborhood ‘kid’ place. Lucky me. Run by super nice, down-to-earth people, we’re welcome to take a class or just hang out seemingly endlessly. Big enough to provide options and entertainment (many classes w/different teachers, infinite number of engaging toys, art and books) but small enough to be manageable…you can actually watch your kids play AND have a conversation. A nice group of patrons, too. And, clean. Always, super clean. A really welcome escape when home isn’t cutting it anymore. My kids have gone to the classes from about 12 mo to now (2.5 yrs) and it’s even more interesting. I hope it stays that way until college.”
Aliza, 4/2009 re: Play

“Everyone had a GREAT time! Thank you for everything. Honestly, this was the most stress-free party I have ever done. You did such a great job taking care of everything and all the helpers were phenomenal.”
Nina, 10/2009 re: Parties at Play

“We have taken many, many classes at Play. After moving from the westside to Burbank, we’ve continued taking classes there because nothing else has come close to our amazing Messy Mixed Media art classes. We’ve done portraits with Orit Harpaz, music class, attended special crafty workshops and we’ve had a wonderful time. The staff is amazing with the children and parents. The environment is very welcoming and comfortable. I can’t say enough good things about it.”
Michele, 2009 re: Play & Messy Mixed Media